Lois Dress – Tessuti

For my first post, I thought I’d share with you a recent make. This is a dress I’d seen in my early sewing days and simply adored: it’s the Lois dress by Tessuti! I love the under the bust, angled seam lines, the cuffed dolman sleeves and A-line skirt. I have only heart eyes for this dress.

I chose a spotty rayon from Spotty to work with. I used to fear this slippery fabric, but recently have made a few summer items with it. I just love the drape, it’s breathability and coolness of it – great for the hot days. I used 1.7m and cut a size 6.

I checked out the hash tag of the Lois on IG and loved every single one that came up. My friend, @sews_and_stitches warned me the V neckline drops to the low bust line. I’m not a fan of anything low-cut so decided to hack it! I stuck some paper beneath the front bodice pattern and altered from the lowest point of the V neckline. I drew a line 8cm high and made sure it was parallel to the grain line. Then finished it with a curved line towards the inner shoulder.

I’m so relieved the 2 pieces of neckline met well. I ended up adding 4x wooden buttons (10mm width) to complete the look.

I’ve sewn Tessuti patterns before and found them straight forward. But for some reason, I couldn’t wrap my head around some of the steps. Maybe I was tired but I managed to sew up all my darts & side seams up without inserting the zip. Oh dear. But this also meant I had fast tracked my sewing and could try it on.

Damn, it was quite loose around the waist and I had to adjust it. The pattern has been cleverly designed, with the skirt consisting of 1 extra large front panel wrapping around the body, with 2 darts lying where the side seams normally sit. The skirt is completed with a narrow back skirt panel. Because of the clever darts, it would be really tricky to take in the sides as I normally would. Because I was able to JUST slip on the skirt with my contortionist moves, I decided to leave the dress as is and add side tie straps!!! It was such a light bulb moment for me and I’m so glad I could alter the look easily.

I’m in love with the Lois dress and so glad my hacks could make this dress the best version for me. The altered neckline and buttons give that vintage, modest look while the tie up sides really pull the dress together (pun intended).

I’m just getting used to this new blogging thing, so stay tuned for more. Pop your email in if you’d like to hear more from me.

Happy sewing,


20 thoughts on “Lois Dress – Tessuti

  1. Lovely version. I like your neckline hack. I’m currently finishing off my second Lois dress, but feel that the bodice is a little low in the fabric I am using.


  2. Thank you so much for showing us all your alterations !!! I will take your advice and copy them for my first Lois Dress. I also struggle with the deepness of the frontline – that’s the reason why I haven’t sewn it yet but now…
    Lot`s of greetings from Germany :0) Frauke


    1. Oh yay!!! I’m so glad my modifications could be helpful for someone else 🙂 thanks for reading and for your comment 🥰 happy sewing!


  3. Thanks for explaining the raised neckline. I’m not too keen on a very low neckline either and was wondering how to alter it. Love your dress!


  4. So pleased to have found your blog, and this helpful advice about the Lois dress neckline. Just about to start sewing mine, with your alteration.


  5. HI , Thanks for your blog on the Lois Dress. Im copying your alteration about how to raise the neckline. However, Im a but stuck on whether to sew the bodice together where the raised neckline meets before sewing it to the skirt. Can you remember the exact steps you took please ?!?


    1. Hello Debbie! This was quite a while ago but from memory I would have sewn the centre front seam together then attached to the skirt 🙂


  6. So cute and I can imagine it being a cute top as well! Love the buttons and the waist tie creates a really pretty silhouette with the top and bottom being flown and blousey and the waist cinched in!


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